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Utilitaires Divertissement
Développeur Digital Zone Co., Ltd.

TVPLUG receives and records Digital TV broadcast(High-Definition ATSC terrestrial) enabling you to watch favorite TV shows, Sporting event, Soap opera etc., on Wi-Fi devices by streaming anywhere and anytime. In order to do so, all you need to have is just the circumstance that internet connection is allowed, then you can enjoy watching real HD(720p) live broadcast on your device.
In the case of attaching External HDD(USB) to TVPLUG, you are able to schedule TV recordings as you want.

It also functions as a high fidelity wire/wireless router optimized for Wi-Fi devices so that you can have easy and stable access to internet supporting dual band(2.4/5Ghz). Furthermore, Gigabit LAN(Ethernet) helps you connect and communicate to a network at the highest speed

Once TVPLUG is connected to External HDD(USB), it can be utilized for easy Web HDD. In that case, it’s own Torrent client is able to upload and download a data without separate PC.

Note : In order to use this application after installation, you must buy TVPLUG device separately.